La Comédie

La Comédie is a drama school in French language open to bilingual children.
The workshop lasts an hour and is based on various theatre exercises (collective and individual) aimed at developing children’s sense of play and expression. Children play also characters from tales or story books around topics/themes such as the wolf, the night, the secret, etc….
Characters are developed through several sessions.

The exercices and stories are chosen depending on the age of the children.
At La Comedie, we don’t work on one play all year long with a final show as can be done in classic drama school.

Our goal is to expose children to the pleasure of acting using short content.
We give them some of the theatre techniques that forms the core of acting and drama and that are appropriate at young age such as improvisation, narration, role play, story telling, mime, exaggerate movements, etc…. .
At the end of each term we invite the parents to observe a session, there is no show.

Nathalie Jackson

Nathalie Jackson, originally from Paris, has over 20 years of child development experience from around the world. Her breadth of experience and passion for child literature and storytelling has prepared her for each of the challenges she has embraced. Her latest venture into “La Comedie” drama school was a result of being tested to find an engaging bi-lingual drama program in London for her three biggest critics – her children.

Her international experience includes managing a bilingual French-English pre-school (New Zealand, Frenz School Charity Trust), founding a kindergarten in Thailand, consulting in education for leading Thai University (Mahidol University-Bangkok), and working for 10 years as a child psychologist in early childhood centres in and around Paris, France. Throughout her career, she has also been an educator for child literature and child development for a variety of training companies, as well as presented at various symposiums and co-published in periodicals. Perhaps most notably and remarkable, her greatest achievement to date has been raising 3 beautiful children with her antipodean husband.
Basic disclosure certificate issued on June 2016.